Forum Title: Tanking & EPDM on TV
Was flicking through the channels the other night and seen a guy in a trench beside a foundation so stopped to watch. It was about some town in Kansas I think, that had been hit by a Tornado, wiped out the town Greenburgh or Greenborough. Anyway the story was about building a new Community Hall, it was the first new building to be built. They made the Hall in sections inside a huge barn then shipped it out by road to the site. So there was the host/commentator standing in the trench rabbiting on about how the trench had to be backfilled with dirt and compacted and how hard a job that was etc etc THERE RIGHT BEHIND HIM WAS WALL ABOUT 8FT HIGH BY 100FT LONG COVERED IN TORCHON MEMBRANE :woohoo: but he totally ignored that, not even a mention on what it was or why it was there, I was just about jumping out of my chair in fury ?WHAT ABOUT THE F?N TANKING YOU A?HOLE !! :S Then it went back to the barn and the roof was going to be laid ?this will be good I thought?, so up we go and its a flat roof, EPDM sheet laying here ready to be glued and folded down. IT TOOK 4 OF THEM, FULLY KITTED OUT IN RESPERATORS AND RUBBER GLOVES TO WORK DOWN HALF A SHEET 6FT WIDE BY 10FT LONG :woohoo: I almost wet myself laughing. They were all Architectural students. Anyone seen it? if not keep your eye out for it, its a blast :laugh: :unsure:
Category: Roofing Post By: BYRON DANIEL (Manchester, NH), 02/22/2018

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