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I bid this job 7 months ago for an elderly lady that lives on the same road as I do about 1.5 miles away. I never heard back from her about the bid but was passing by yesterday and saw That'she still had the same tarp on the roof and she was out working in the yard so I stopped by. Come to find out she lives alone and on social security with no savings and just couldn't ever get the money up. The original price was $950. I told her that I had about 5 bundles of loose shingles, a couple sheets of osb board and everything that would be needed to do the repair and offered to do the job for $250 using all leftover material of several different colors which is basically just the cost of the materials. She eagerly accepted and I went over and did the job today. Turned out to be a real dandy and took 7 hours to complete. It's a mobile home with a front porch roof that was added later. When they built the front porch roof a plumbing pipe landed right in the center of the valley and they left it that way PLUS didn't put a pipe collar on it. Just smeared black mammy around it. As you can see in the pic?s below it caused extensive damage. I re-routed the pipe out of the valley. There was another leak in the valley about 4 feet up from the pipe where they butted shingles together right in the center of the valley. Try not to laugh at the mix of weathered wood and charcoal dimensionals combined with charcoal and autumn brown 3-tabs. :laugh: She really needs a whole new roof but this should get her by for a few more years. The part that I worked on can not be seen from the street or any neighboring homes. The damage got repaired and it won?t leak anymore but let's just say that last pic won?t be going on the website.
Category: Roofing Post By: DON AUSTIN (Malden, MA), 03/16/2018

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