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Normally I'm here moaning about the rain/drizzle/wind etc , now its about the heat :laugh: ?Can you fit this one in?? the builder said ?Sure mate, no woories, can do it on Friday morning? I said. House from the street old rubber roof (being chipboard substrate it would be early 1970?s) So he had his carpenter and apprentice rip the old chipboard substrate out and install new plywood. They did a decent job, put Batts Insulation in the ceiling while they were at it, filled the screw holes with bog too. I got there at 9:30am this morning the old rubber they had relaid back down loose was still wet from the dew overnight ( went down to 8 degrees C) Got stuck in and had the first strip of rubber laid by 11am including upstand at the wall, all in the shade of the hill beside the house By that time the sun had come onto half the roof and I laid That'side. As I was rolling down the second piece the first piece started to bubble, and it just got worse and worse and worse and worse :woohoo: There is no way to roll the bubbles out at this time, its the gas from the solvents in the adhesive. When laid in the full shade or on a cloudy day everything goes down and stays down, but lay in a rising temp situation like this it always bubbles. This was quite the sand dune effect though, one of the worst I've seen. It'should go down tonight and hopefully stay stuck tommorrow, a few days cool weather will fix it. I did a dormer roof back in late 2009 that did this, the owner refused to pay, the bubbles went down in 3 days, it was hot weather then though. Despite me telling him what to expect, based on my 40 years experience, he refused to take my word for it on the day I did it. He never did ring and say ?Mike you were right? though, just sent the cheque a week late.:angry: I would have liked to be there when the homeowners draw back the curtains this evening to see their new roof, but I finished at 1pm and got out of town early (being a Friday) bug eyes and dropped jaws ?OMG look at all the bubbles? I bet :cheer: I rang the builder, who was coming back on site about 3pm to put the bottom weatherboard back in and dI'mantle his scaffolding, and warned him what to expect and what to say if the owners ask.
Category: Roofing Post By: JASON K (Oklahoma City, OK), 03/16/2018

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