Forum Title: Do you guys ever need to print photos?
Hey guys I'm Luke from White Castle Roofing&CompanyCam. At White Castle Roofing we printed a lot of photos for work orders and warranty claims and stuff. It was usually kindof a pain in the butt, which is why we just added a newfeature to companycam that allows you to print photos really easily. You can even automatically print other information with the photos: where they were taken, who took them, and then they took them. As a reminder,CompanyCamis an appallows everyone in your company to take photos that stream back to the office instantly and are automatically organized by the address where the photo was taken. You can draw on the photos and write notes that stay attached to that photo. So, managers can easily keep tabs on everything happening across every job site, in real-time... and print photos really easily. One photo with address address and info. Two photos without address and info.Does this look like something you guys would use? Also, I'm happy to answer any questions!-Luke
Category: Roofing Post By: DIANE TORRES (Huntington Beach, CA), 01/18/2018

I don‚t print any pictures. I‚m just the guy that does what he‚s told on the roof. I‚ll pass this information along to my boss. I think he‚ll be able to make use of it.

- Tim Barkley (Fresno, CA), 03/15/2018

I like your name quite a bit. I could dig into a White Castle burger right about now. It‚s been a few years since I‚ve been in an area with a White Castle. It‚s all about the onions when it comes to those burgers.

- CATHERINE CARTER (Clovis, CA), 03/28/2018

Awesome software! Its about time somebody created something like this!

- GUY REEVES (Merced, CA), 04/17/2018

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