Forum Title: Argument with builder - flat roof ponding
Sorry for the repost. I posted this to the Ask expert forum, and then I noticed hardly any posts get replies there. So, I'm reposting it here. Wife and I just bought a new house with a roof top terrace, and it has a ponding issue. The water collects near the drainage, but the drainage is about a quarter inch higher than the lowest point of the roof, the water does not fully drain and requires time to evaporate. The new home builder came up with a short-cut fix and simply put a couple pieces of roofing membrane at the lowest point to displace the water a bit. The situation has improved, but still requires about 70 hours for the water to fully dissipate on 3 very hot summer days. I would guess that on a cooler, cloudy day, the water will take much longer to evaporate. The builder seems to be unwilling to do anything further. They say the water dissipates within 72 hours, according to roofing spec. I don't know what else to do. I am totally stressed out over the builder. And I don't want to get into a big fight with the builder because they still have lots of other things to fix.
Category: Roofing Post By: ANNIE PERRY (Gainesville, FL), 01/21/2018

I‚d say get some goldfish and charge admission for people to watch them on your roof. That‚s the best advice that I can give you.

- BYRON DANIEL (Cypress, CA), 03/11/2018

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